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Staten Island Parks

Barrett Park

Named After Major Clarence Tynan Barrett (1840-1906), Barrett Park is home to the Staten Island Zoo. It’s real name is The Clarence T. Barrett Park Zoo. Barrett was part of a prominent Staten Island family who settled in Richmond County when he was a young child. Barrett who studied landscape architecture used to run a plant nursery on the site now known as the Staten Island Zoo. New York parks have a total of 6 Zoo’s inside them including the Calrence T. Barrett Park Zoo. The others are the Central Park Zoo, The Bronx Zoo, The Central Park Childrens Zoo, The Queens Wildlife Center and the Prospect Park Wildlife Center. The Clarence T. Barrett Park Zoo is home to the only Serpentarium in America that features all 32 species of rattlesnakes.

Clove Lakes Park

Located in West Brighton and Sunnyside, Clove Lakes Park is 193.42 Acres and is a protected Forever Wild site due to its rich ecological assets. The park features several baseball fields, a football field, soccer field, basketball court, playgrounds and the Staten Island War Memorial Ice Skating Rink. You can paddle along on the parks lakes and ponds or take a nice walk around them admiring the scenery including a three hundred year-old tulip tree.

Clp. Thompson Park

Located in West brighton, This 10.5 acre park is home to a baseball field, basketball court and Track.

Snug Harbor

Snug Harbor is situated on 83.30 acres in livingston close by the Staten Island Ferry on the North shore of Staten Island. Home to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Staten Island Botanical Garden, the Art Lab, the Staten Island Children’s Museum, & the John A. Noble Collection. Originally founded by Captain Robert Richard Randall in 1801, his estate was willed to be marine hospital for “aged, decrepit and worn-out seamen.” By the time his will was settled, the Manhattan location was already being developed around the Estate and so the Snug Harbor Trustees decided to move the proposed site to Staten Island. Snug Harbor’s 1st building was opened in 1833. Snug Harbor has several landmarked buildings and offers a variety of cultural and environmental activities for the public.

Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake Park is 209.353 acres in size and located in West Brighton. At the end of the ice age Silver Lake was a spring-fed body of water that had formed. That now makes up the south basin of the reservoir today. In 1913 the Board of Water Supply was drained the lake and converted it to a working reservoir. Silver Lake was used for both commercial and recreational use. In the 19th century it was home to a saloon and casino as well as the site for several companies to harvest its ice. It was also the site of the National Skating Amateur Championship races in February of 1897. In 1924 the park added land from a Marine Cemetery which was the site for a Marine Hospital Quarentine in Tompkinsville. Shortly after the land was converted to the golf coarse in 1924. It’s estimated that several thousand immigrants who died from contagious diseases after arriving in the United States are now buried under the 18th fairway of the golf course. The course was completed in 1929 and used for boating and skating in that era as well. Silver Lake now offers wide paths around the lake that are used by skaters, joggers, walkers & cyclists, along with softball,tennis and playground facilities that have since been added.

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