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Sales Preparation

Sales Preparation

Getting my house in “Ready to Sell” shape.
            When putting your house up for sale, many home owners often spend too much or don’t prepare at all.  Putting a brand new kitchen in or repainting the whole house is great, but it may not be the colors or styles that appeal to the prospective buyers.  Also the cost of certain repairs can be high and buyers normally won’t give you enough money to pay for them.  Then there is the other side of the white picked fence.  Throwing the for sale sign up on your home without paying any attention to details or preparation can hurt and cost you thousands as well.
When preparing to put your home on the market, you should spend as little money as possible while getting it on the market as quickly as you can.  Spending too much in repairs and cosmetics can lead to money you won’t recover from the buyer and every day lost on the market could more importantly be another potential buyer lost.  At Hometime, your Realtor is familiar with the market and can lead you in the right direction, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals for advice.  Below is a simple check list to whip your home into shape quickly.


This alone will make the house look bigger, brighter and more inviting.
  • Pack up your excess knickknacks and books.
  • Clean off all counters and furniture, putting small items used everyday in a box and in the closet.
  • Consider a garage sale for things that haven’t been used in the last year or that you know won’t be moving with you.
  • Get a storage unit for extra pieces of furniture and other clutter that may make a room appear smaller.  All homes show better with less furniture and this will keep buyers from thinking rooms are too small and their furniture may not fit.                               

General Cleaning

  • Appliances should be cleaned.
  • Clean and dust all window sills.
  • Clean and dust all lighting fixtures.
  • Clean and dust all curtains, blinds and drapes.
  • Make sure the entrance way is spotless and neat.  It’s the first impression a buyer gets when entering the home and sets the tone for the rest of the home showing.
  • Keep baseboards clean.
  • Mop, sweep and vacuum the floors.
  • Empty all garbage cans.
  • De-odorize carpets.
  • Keep clothing off floors and furniture and hang neatly.
  • Ensure hallways and stairs are free from debris.
  • Clean all windows, skylights and glass.

Flooring Maintenance

·        Mop and vacuum all floors.
·        If needed steam clean carpets.
·        Make sure carpets are free of pet hair and deodorize.
·        If all else fails and you can’t salvage carpet, replace it with a neutral color and go for the thick padding that feels comfortable for potential buyers.
·        Polish and shine any visible hardwood flooring.
·        Replace any worn out vent covers.


·        Repair all leaks and paint over any watermarks or stains.
·        Address any peeling or blistering paint areas.
·        Paint the front door.
·        Paint or clean garage door.
·        Remove all rust from railing and repaint.


·        Have skylights clean so they may provide as much natural light as possible.  The same should be done for all windows.
·        Keep window treatment opened as much as you can to provide the most natural light.
·        Keep outside lights on to showcase your home when it gets dark.
·        Clean or replace all switch plates.
·        Make sure you replace all bulbs that aren’t working and always use the maximum possible wattage.
·        Clean all lighting fixtures to be free of dust and debris.

Kitchen and Bath Maintenance

·        Locate warranty and maintenance manuals for all appliances if they are included in the sale.
·        Try and replace missing or damaged tiles.
·        Re-caulk damaged caulk on shower, toilets, tubs and sinks.
·        Clean or replace tile grout.
·        Have all pipes and faucets free of leaks.
·        Tighten all knobs and handles on cabinets and doors.

Electric and Plumbing

·        Make sure all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working.
·        Make sure doorbell works.
·        Replace Heating and AC filters monthly.
·        All drains should be free flowing.
·        Repair any leaky faucets or pipes.
·        Have all toilets, showers and tubs in the best shape as possible and must work.

Curb and Yard Appeal

·        Keep everything as green as possible.
·        Trim and prune bushes and trees.
·        Mow and fertilize grass.
·        Power wash patio, pavers, deck and siding.
·        Put excess debris in shed.
·        Remove dead plants and weeds.
·        Keep everything neat and well manicured.

Disassociate Yourself with Your Home

·        Emotionally detach yourself from your house.
·        Tell yourself it’s just walls and you take the memories with you.
·        Realize that it’s no longer your home, rather just a house that will become someone else’s home.


·        Stand in your driveway or on the curb and look at your house.  Pretend you were a buyer pulling up. Would you want to go inside?  Does the outside of your home come off as warm and inviting.  Does it stand out among others on the block?
·        Go from room to room and ask yourself, if you were a buyer, would it appeal to you.
·        Is the furniture situated and arranged in the best possible spots.






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